Added last week: 2 new brands, 25 new pedals

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Added last week: 2 new brands, 25 new pedals

Postby EffectsDatabase » Mon Mar 30, 2015 8:01 am


[b]2 new brands[/b]
[*][url=]Ninevolt Pedals[/url]
[*][url=]Squarewave Industries[/url][/list]

[b]25 new effects[/b]
[*][url=]Aalberg Audio RO-1 ROM - Reverb[/url]
[*][url=]Aalberg Audio TR-1 Trym - Tremolo[/url]
[*][url=]Celestial Effects Aries - Beast Distortion[/url]
[*][url=]Chase Bliss Audio Gravitas - Analog Tremolo[/url]
[*][url=]Hermida EPH-3 Tape Echo Simulator[/url]
[*][url=]IdiotBox Blower Box - Bass Distortion[/url]
[*][url=]IdiotBox Dungeon Master[/url]
[*][url=]IdiotBox Hobo Santa Fuzz[/url]
[*][url=]IdiotBox Orange Cycle Noisebox[/url]
[*][url=]IdiotBox Rainbotron Noisebox[/url]
[*][url=]IdiotBox Static Fuzz[/url]
[*][url=]IdiotBox UFO Noisebox[/url]
[*][url=]Joyo Ironman JF-324 Gate Of Kahn - Noise Gate[/url]
[*][url=]Joyo Ironman JF-325 Molo-Trem - Tremolo[/url]
[*][url=]KMA Audio Machines Astrospurt - Junction Gate Field-Effect Phaser[/url]
[*][url=]KMA Audio Machines Fuzzly Bear[/url]
[*][url=]ModTone MT-DUO Dirty Duo[/url]
[*][url=]Mr. Black Black LTD. Classic 88[/url]
[*][url=]Ninevolt Pedals Relaxing Walrus Delay[/url]
[*][url=]Ninevolt Pedals Surfing Bear Overdrive[/url]
[*][url=]Skreddy Pedals Cephalopod[/url]
[*][url=]Skreddy Pedals Kusanagi - Professional MkII[/url]
[*][url=]Tesla AYZ-020 Volume-Booster[/url]
[*][url=]Tesla AYZ-030 Equalizer[/url]
[*][url=]Vein-Tap Angel Of Blues - Overdrive[/url][/list]

Overviews of the previous weeks: [url][/url]
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