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small pedal board

Postby JonaJDiaz » Tue Jan 24, 2017 10:19 pm

I just recently purchased a small board for the smaller gigs, or on the go moments. the board can hold up to 6 average size pedals comfortably. so far this is what i want on the board. If anyone has any suggestions on any other effect that will be able to do the job any better or replace a pedal entirely please feel free to recommend, But i'm having trouble figuring out what i should use as a Reverb. ( Also its worth noting that i usually play through a Fender hotrod deluxe iii )

1) Compressor : Dyna Comp / or Mini ego Comp
2) Mini wah (or anything else that may be suggested)
3) Keleey D&M Drive (hasn't been released as of this moment)
4) Delay ( T.C electronic flashback)
5) Boss Trem
6) Reverb ( leaning towards the hall of fame but its debatable )

also feel free to comment on signal chain, or anything else that is guitar/pedal related.
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