BG2 Boomerang vs Boomer 2

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BG2 Boomerang vs Boomer 2

Postby MustangMartigan » Tue Feb 28, 2017 1:36 am

Is there any difference between the bg2 labeled Boomerang vs the Boomer 2?.Ive noticed that the Boomer usually advertised as.a Gibson.Maestro produxt, vs the one labeled Boomerang just being a Maestro. Did Gibson merge with Maestro and then rename the pedal or am i way off base?
Also, doea the Joe Gagan replacement pot change the sound when compared to the.stock 25k pot? I know the stock pots can/will get scratchy, bht they can also be cleaned fairly easily. Is the.Gagan.pot also 25k?
I'd prefer a BG1, but cant afford one, so the BG2 is my next best option..I had a BG2 (the Boomerang label version) with the.orig pot years ago and I loved it, before it a.gig, damn theifs. I'm looking for a.replacement, and the best one I found locally is a Boomer 2.with the true bypass mod as aell as output buffer mod, which I need for my Tone Bender clone.
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Re: BG2 Boomerang vs Boomer 2

Postby EffectsDatabase » Tue Feb 28, 2017 12:09 pm

I think it's best to ask this to Joe Gagan, he's THE expert for these...

A different pot doesn't change the tone, it only controls the filter frequency.
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Re: BG2 Boomerang vs Boomer 2

Postby Wrayven » Wed Sep 20, 2017 2:54 pm

I know this is a fairly late answer, but the Boomer 2 & Boomerang 2 are essentially the same pedal. Some of the early issued Boomer 2 pedals have the white colored inductor from the earlier Boomerang. These inductors do sound different than most that come with the Boomer 2 or Boomerang 2 pedals. I would think any of the Gagan pots specified for a Boomerang would work fine.
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