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Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe V2

Postby amazin_raizin » Sun Jul 09, 2017 11:21 am

Just brought this pedal last week through Boutique Tone Lounge.
First of all, great guys to deal with. Awesome range of pedals, responded to my questions within minutes and knew what they were talking about. Gave me a good discount on the pedal and it arrived next day. Couldn't recommend them more.
As for the pedal itself, I'm really happy with it. I brought it as my band has a couple of out of town gigs coming up where I'm going to be playing on borrowed gear. I have a Vox NT50HG2 with matching 2 x 12 cab and rely solely on the amp for my distortion. For those not familiar with it, it has a clean and a dirt channel, and each channel has a "girth" switch which is basically a boost. Since the boost switch on the pinnacle acts independently from the gain channel, it mimics the may I use my amp really well.
The EQ is extremely active. I pretty much leave it flat with just a slight mid boost. If you play around with it too much it's easy to get lost.
The drive is really versatile. The Vintage and Modern settings both have very distinct voices and the boost/drive options on the boost switch make it easy to set the pedal up to suit your playing style. I play both rythm and lead in my band and our sound is quite heavy rock, so I leave the boost switch set to boost which gives me a nice volume boost for lead breaks. If you have a cleaner rythm sound you can set the switch to drive and crank the gain up so when you switch it on you go from an overdriven sound to full on distortion. Rolling your guitar volume back gives a nice crunch without loosing too much overall volume.
The boost on its own is really good for pushing your clean amp into overdrive too, infact when I'm playing clean I use it in place of my amps boost switch to get a bit of crunch.
Overall, a great super versatile dirt pedal. I now use it in place of my amps dirt channel in smaller venues and for practice at home and wouldn't plug in without it.
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