Added last week: 3 new brands, 46 new pedals

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Added last week: 3 new brands, 46 new pedals

Postby EffectsDatabase » Mon Nov 06, 2017 9:01 am


[b]3 new brands[/b]
[*][url=]Nordstrand Audio[/url]
[*][url=]Rocket Surgeon[/url]
[*][url=]Scary Pedals[/url][/list]

[b]46 new effects[/b]
[*][url=]Ananashead FX 828 Fuzz[/url]
[*][url=]Aroma AHAR-5 Harmony[/url]
[*][url=]Dedalo FX ALU9[/url]
[*][url=]Dr. No Mini Turd Fuzz[/url]
[*][url=]Dr. No Sauce Dispenser Crystal Boost (with Koen Fu\'s Customshop)[/url]
[*][url=]Earthbound Audio Effects Throat Locust - HM-2 Metal Distortion[/url]
[*][url=]EWS BMC Bass Mid Control II[/url]
[*][url=]Fromel Electronics D.I.G. - Overdrive[/url]
[*][url=]Fryer Mayday - AC Style Overdrive[/url]
[*][url=]Fryer Treble Booster Super[/url]
[*][url=]Haunted Labs Dark Aura - Modulated Reverb[/url]
[*][url=]IdiotBox Dead Space Invader[/url]
[*][url=]Ironman Effects Gold Bullion Fuzz[/url]
[*][url=]Ironman Effects Silver Bullion - Blues Drive[/url]
[*][url=]Ironman Effects The Sticky Bomb - Distortion[/url]
[*][url=]JHS Pedals Haunting Mids[/url]
[*][url=]JHS Pedals Spring Tank - Reverb[/url]
[*][url=]KMA Audio Machines Tyler - The Frequency Splitter[/url]
[*][url=]L0/Rez FUZ Computer[/url]
[*][url=]Massive FX Pedals Hypnotik Fuzz[/url]
[*][url=]Matthews Effects The Engineer - Foundational Bass Overdrive[/url]
[*][url=]Midgard Tone Works Jormungandr[/url]
[*][url=]Midgard Tone Works Toothgrinder II (Tanngnjostr)[/url]
[*][url=]Mission Engineering 529 USB Power Converter[/url]
[*][url=]More Gain Amplification Tube Depressor - Overdrive[/url]
[*][url=]Mr. Black DR-54 Custom[/url]
[*][url=]Mr. Black SS-850 Solid State Echo Chamber[/url]
[*][url=]Nocturne Bass Brain - Bass Preamp[/url]
[*][url=]Nocturne Mystery Brain Echo 301[/url]
[*][url=]Nocturne Shrunken Brain - Dual Preamp/Drive[/url]
[*][url=]nuX Morning Star - Overdrive[/url]
[*][url=]nuX Sculpture - Compressor[/url]
[*][url=]Rocket Surgeon Boris: Fuzz for the People[/url]
[*][url=]Rocket Surgeon Codename: Black Hat - Hybrid Fuzz[/url]
[*][url=]Rocket Surgeon Seratone: Mood Altering Bass Fuzz[/url]
[*][url=]Scary Pedals Monster Boost[/url]
[*][url=]Scary Pedals Traci OD - Overdrive[/url]
[*][url=]Scary Pedals Valve Drive[/url]
[*][url=]TC Electronic 3rd Dimension - Chorus[/url]
[*][url=]TC Electronic Choka - Tremolo[/url]
[*][url=]TC Electronic Crescendo - Auto Swell[/url]
[*][url=]TC Electronic El Mocambo - Overdrive[/url]
[*][url=]TC Electronic Eyemaster - Metal Distortion[/url]
[*][url=]TC Electronic Honey Pot - Fuzz[/url]
[*][url=]TC Electronic Iron Curtain - Noise Gate[/url]
[*][url=]TC Electronic Nether - Octaver[/url][/list]

Overviews of the previous weeks: [url][/url]
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