Valeton Dapper Mini? Why does everything have to have a mini

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Valeton Dapper Mini? Why does everything have to have a mini

Postby 2+2=5 » Thu Nov 16, 2017 3:18 am

The miniature thing seems to be a trend. It’s like everybody is producing the mini version of their hot-selling products. Is it because people are too lazy to carry a little bit more weight? Or is it simply because their pedal board is really that crowded?
They have Dapper, which is a really solid product. Had one once. REALLY handy. Grab and go! That’s literally how you rock it. And the sound quality! Bang for the buck! I believe they sell pretty well too.
Then why a mini version?
Let’s quickly pros and cons these:
you can stack the OD and DS, and use the OD as a booster, which comes really handy when you play live and need a little push of the sound during the solo session. It’s a pro.
And it has cab sim, which allows you to go through PA directly. It’ is a pro.

Dapper mini:
Apparently you can’t stack the OD and DS, you can only choose one at a time via a toggle. It’s is a con.
But it has a chorus module, which I appreciate a lot, personally. You can just grab an EMG equipped guitar and rock some Zakk Wylde on it. It’ is a pro.
But the cab sim of Dapper mini is just for earphone output, which is great for practicing alone, and may be bad for a live situation where there are no guitar amps. It’s a con.
And Dapper mini is cheaper. It’ is a pro.

What do you guys think? Feel free to comment.
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