Top 30 videos (2018, week 10)

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Top 30 videos (2018, week 10)

Postby EffectsDatabase » Thu Mar 15, 2018 1:19 pm


[b]Top 30 videos last week[/b]
[*][url=]Microtubes B7K Ultra v2: Demo by Adam "Nolly" Getgood[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]Darkglass Electronics[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]DIMEBAGS CFH GEAR TONE TEST - PQ4, MXR 6-band, RG100HT[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]Ola Englund[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]Wah Pedal 101 - Which Cry Baby is for me?[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]AndertonsMusic[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]SUHR RIOT MINI DISTORTION, demo by Pete Thorn[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]Pete Thorn[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]The Bends Compressor | Effect Pedals | Fender[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]Fender[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]The Mirror Image Delay | Effect Pedals | Fender[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]Fender[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]AP at NAMM '18: Demeter Amplification[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]Mod Amp Kits[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]AP at NAMM '18: Death by Audio[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]Mod Amp Kits[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]Danelectro Billionaire Series - Demo[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]fluff191[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]AP at NAMM '18: Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pedals![/url] ([size=75]by [url=]Mod Amp Kits[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]H9 Control App Now Available for Android Devices[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]Eventide[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]Brantone Electronics Tonemaster Mk2 Demo[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]GuitaristMag[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]MAK CST - Temporal Tap Machine demo clip[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]MAK Crazy Sound Technology[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]Friday Fun: Arturia MiniBrute 2 and Ventris Dual Reverb[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]sonicstate[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]MALEKKO - THICKEN[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]Malekko Heavy Industry[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]Hoof & Hummingbird - Jeff "Fej" France[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]EarthQuaker Devices[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]Pedals and Effects: Rusty Fuzz by TC Electronic[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]PedalsAndEffects[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]Spaceman Mercury IV Germanium Harmonic Boost | Reverb Tone Report[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]reverbmarket[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]Mad Professor Little Tweedy Drive demo part 2 by Teemu Viinikainen[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]Mad Professor[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]Mythos Pedals Chupacabra - Overdrive Fuzz pedal - demo by RJ Ronquillo[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]R.J. Ronquillo[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]Paul Jackson Jr. Soul Driven demo + Xotic XSC-2 guitar - Full Song[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]realitywebvideo[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]Farm Pedals Subsoiler Fuzz | Reverb Tone Report[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]reverbmarket[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]Crazy Tube Circuits Deranged [Bass Demo][/url] ([size=75]by [url=]Patrick Hunter[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]Meris Polymoon Delay Demo (Stereo - Headphones please)[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]ThePedalZone[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]LR Baggs Align Series: Active DI, Equalizer, Reverb & Session[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]reverbmarket[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]Marshall JCM 800 2203 boosted with Boss GE-7 (Demo)[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]LasseLammert[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]Fender Pugilist Distortion pedal demo with humbuckers and Princeton Reverb[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]Gearmanndude[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]Pigtronix PHILOSOPHER?S TONE GERMANIUM GOLD MICRO[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]Mike Hermans[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]Walrus Audio NAMM Nuggets (of wisdom): Drew Shirley[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]Walrus Audio[/url])[/size]
[*][url=]Pigtronix Octava Micro[/url] ([size=75]by [url=]Mike Hermans[/url])[/size][/list]

Overviews of the previous weeks: [url][/url]
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