Last week's top 20 videos (2018, week 19)

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Last week's top 20 videos (2018, week 19)

Postby EffectsDatabase » Wed May 16, 2018 8:01 am


Top 20 videos last week (May 6-12)
  1. The myth of "gain"... and it's relation to "clipping" (by Wampler Pedals)
  2. TPS Pick'N'Mix: Supro Black Magick, String Theory KE64, JRAD Majestic & Immortal, Fredric Dresden (by That Pedal Show)
  3. Meris - Polymoon, Ottobit Jr., Mercury7 (by Knobs)
  4. Thermae: Analog Delay / Pitch Shifter || Mini-Doc (by Chase Bliss Audio)
  5. Pyramids First Impression: Mike Watt (by EarthQuaker Devices)
  6. Specular Reverb V3 - a Brief Demo (by GFI System)
  7. Greer Amps / LIGHTSPEED ORGANIC OVERDRIVE?????????????????? (by digimartnet)
  8. Boss GT-1000 Programming Strategies and Tips & Tricks - by Glenn DeLaune (by Glenn DeLaune)
  9. BOSS GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor (by Mike Hermans)
  10. CME vs. Old Blood Noise Endeavors | CME Noise War (by Chicago Music Exchange)
  11. David Pippin's Beautiful Demo Outdoors with ToneWoodAmp (by ToneWoodAmp)
  12. SolidGoldFX Beta MKII Germanium [Bass Demo] (by Patrick Hunter)
  13. Pedals and Effects: Fender Pugilist (by PedalsAndEffects)
  14. PedalPalFX PAL 959 Plexi Emulator | Reverb Tone Report (by reverbmarket)
  15. Superbooth 2018 TC June 60 Stereo Juno Chorus (by sonicstate)
  16. EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids Stereo Flanging Device | Reverb Preview (by ProGuitarShopDemos)
  17. Fulltone OCD V2 Review - It's about time we did this one! (by EytschPi42)
  18. Creating Double Reverb Effects with the Ventris Dual Reverb (by Source Audio)
  19. Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe Demo (by ThePedalZone)
  20. Bogner La Grange - Dilian Custom Tele (by koliok)

Overviews of the previous weeks:
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