Last week's top 20 videos (2018, week 21)

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Last week's top 20 videos (2018, week 21)

Postby EffectsDatabase » Wed May 30, 2018 8:01 am


Top 20 videos last week (May 20-26)
  1. That Pedal Show ? Roland Dimension D&C, RE-201 & RE-20 Space Echo? And Matt Schofield! From TGU18 (by That Pedal Show)
  2. Chase Bliss - Thermae (by Knobs)
  3. MOOER RADAR - AWESOME GUITAR CAB TONE in a tiny pedal! (by Pete Thorn)
  4. BOSS ES-8 - Tour Rig Introduction by Alex Hutchings (by Boss)
  5. Custom Balaguer Hyperion Unboxing! (by fluff191)
  6. Are most (green) overdrives just tubescreamer clones? (by Wampler Pedals)
  7. David Gilmour rotary sounds (part 2) - with Boss RT20 (by BjornRiis)
  8. The Father Of Fuzztone - Glenn Snoddy (by Frantone Electronics)
  9. Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE - The Original Origin Originator (by AndertonsMusic)
  10. ToneWoodAmp - Exclusive interview with Mike Dawes & Andertons Music Co (by ToneWoodAmp)
  11. Seymour Duncan / Palladium -Gain Stage-?????????????????? (by digimartnet)
  12. Vintage 1976 MXR Envelope Filter | Reverb Tone Report (by reverbmarket)
  13. Chase Bliss Condor vs. Klon Centaur (by Chase Bliss Audio)
  14. Pyramids First Impression - Richard Fortus of Guns N' Roses (by EarthQuaker Devices)
  15. Pigtronix Gatekeeper Micro Official Demo by David Koltai (by Pigtronix)
  16. Free Pedal Friday: Vintage 1976 MXR Envelope Filter | Reverb Giveaway (by ProGuitarShopDemos)
  17. Dedalo Fx - ALU9 Aliaser pedal - guitar demo (by Dedalo FX)
  18. #TGU18 - 1961 Stratocaster - 1968 100watt Plexi vs Bluguitar AMP1 Mercury and demo with Thomas Blug (by Harry And A Guitar)
  19. The Ventris Dual Reverb with the Neuro Mobile App. (by Source Audio)
  20. Strymon Big Sky "Hall of Infinity" Demo! (BigSky) (by Chords Of Orion)

Overviews of the previous weeks:
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