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EarthQuaker Devices Crimson Drive

Postby Ro_S » Tue Mar 18, 2014 3:41 pm

RE: EarthQuaker Devices Crimson Drive
(link to your current page: http://www.effectsdatabase.com/model/earthquaker/crimsondrive)


1. Information re: earlier, 2-knob version

The 3-knob version of this pedal, which the page currently features, is the reissue. I have an earlier 2-knob version.

My earlier, two-knob version has a single AC128 germanium transistor. It is signed July 2008; the serial no. is #036. Its pcb has "v2"(version 2?) stated on it.

The newer/current version has a different transistor and an extra (tone) knob (see below).

2. Information on the current version:

This is the official blurb from the maker's website:

"The Crimson Drive is a cutting and dynamic overdrive designed around a single germanium transistor and vintage germanium diodes. It creates a very open tone with excellent harmonics and a pleasing raw grit that can’t be duplicated with more common FET or opamp based overdrives. With a simple twist of the gain control, the Crimson Drive can go from a gritty Rangemaster style treble boost to a rattling overdriven sound that is reminiscent a vintage plexi style amp at full bore. Works great with single coils as well as humbuckers and has excellent clean up with your guitars volume control.

Upgrades from V1 include:
- Added Tone control
- Vintage black glass OC139 germanium transistors and germanium diodes
- Lower noise floor and improved power filtering

Measures : 4.37″ X 2.37″ X 1.75″ with knobs

Power: A standard 9 volt DC power supply intended for musical instruments with a negative center 2.1mm barrel. We strongly recommend a high quality power supply with isolated outputs and good filtering to avoid unwanted noise. Will also run off a 9v battery for you olde tymee types.

    Drive: Controls the amount of gain
    Tone: Rolls off high end by turning counter clockwise
    Level: Controls the output

Note: I believe the following text - currently on your listing - pertains to the earlier version:

"The crimson drive is a germanium based overdrive. it creates an open, uncompressed overdrive with excellent sustain via a nos germanium transistor and 2 germanium diodes. when it reaches top gain, it creates an excellent singing marshall-esq fuzz tone. it works wonders on single coils and sounds great on open chords. lots of volume on tap as well!" (source: http://www.analoguehaven.com/earthquake ... sondrive/#" target="_blank)

2. Photographs of the earlier, 2-knob version

Here's a photo of my one:
url: [url]]http://i1108.photobucket.com/albums/h403/Ro_S/my%20effects%20pedals/Misc/SUNP0020.jpg[/url]

Other photos:

(source: http://www.analoguehaven.com/earthquake ... msondrive/" target="_blank)

(source: http://tonfaktor.blogspot.co.uk/2008/08 ... drive.html" target="_blank)

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