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Postby compulsor » Thu Sep 04, 2014 6:26 pm

This is one lost in the fog of time, and overshadowed by its 250 predecessor- but it shouldn't be.
I picked one up fairly cheap, around $40-50, in good condition, insane price when you consider it's US made, all-analog, and from the highly-coveted 250 family tree.
It appears to be a pretty basic pedal, with just two knobs, and certainly it can be, however, its ability to stack with other pedals really increases its usefulness.
On its own, a great sounding pedal, with a few different voices hidden in the sweep of the drive side of the controls. It's no high-gain punisher, but in the low-medium range it excels on its own, and can effectively push other pedals into sweet saturation they may not reach on their own.
By itself, from 0 to about 10:00, it's minimal, but 10-noon, it picks up nicely, with a fuzz-edge to it, noon to 3 this really increases, and can be a lot of fun, getting pretty raunchy, very unique voice.
But with it fully cranked, at 6:00, it jumps into a much smoother, mid+ gain that really cranks; depending on where the level knob is set, it can push a dirty amp into crazy gain areas, and a clean amp into a perfect lead/heavy rhythm role.
In front of another drive pedal, it can do one of two things very well: with a tamer, or fairly transparent drive pedal, adding both level and drive blends very nicely to come up with a totally different drive tone, summing the best of both.
on a pedal that's putting out a driven signal even at its lowest settings, cranking the level only will provide a wonderful, though possibly subtle, 'sweeter' to what may otherwise be a harsh, or generic drive signal.
Look for one, they're pretty cheap; for now. They're great on their own, or stacked as described.
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