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Hohner HME-1 multi fx,, Rockbuster, significant info 4 u 2

Postby Saltyjazzhorn » Fri Dec 15, 2017 12:20 am

Hello to you all, it is great to no that you allow real musicians on here, me being a trumpet and flugelhorn player mainly and make my own sounds and effects??? Lol.
Only joking (not that you would understand that anyway LoL) OK I will stop for a bit
To be honest as I have been trying to put together a recording, ideas, and Odd ball room for me. (at 52 I've come to the conclusion those who say they are crazy, ain't lived) but I will admit to being a bit odd, so what I'm trying to do, I will update if it's working later.
So as a brass player I have little experience with electric audio devices until the last year.
I brought a second hand zoom mrs1608 studio and it was so far above my head it was blocked by newton's kyte (if that's the right bloke?)
So I got a tascam dp008ex and managed to make a 4track recording last night, bongos, congas, stereo, fretless bass, 5string banjo and vintage premier xylophone all played by me, made up something to record (some good ideas came up!) so at least I can work it.
The zoom looks awesome if you no what you doing.
Got a jam man with 2pedals not tried yet and just brought a mixture of eBay tonight.
I have had a bespeco weeper effect pedal, a Rocktek delay that I love with my brass sounds great. I have also got this hohner hme-1 rockbuster FX multi fx unit. I've had them a while and got them along the way, not sure how.
The hohner multi I have used and really do love it, this and the delay with my old Laney multi Chanel amp with built in wire reverb is why I'm trying to sort out my odd room.,.
As I do with what I have, check them out on the internet and again tonight looking for something else I checked the hohner out and noticed that someone else was trying to find information about it and contacted hohner who said they were made in few numbers in the early 80s ,they also didn't know anymore. So like starting a fire with a match will soon be a forgotten skill, I don't want what I found or other information about this hohner effect pedal.
Seems strange that it is not held with higher esteem by collectors?
The reason why I say this is when I couldn't find any info about it , l looked up the first multi fx unit made and the exact same multi fx unit came up with a different name on it?
This was a few years back and it probably doesn't mean anything to a collector?
But I'm only a novice to such things.
Just thought I'd let anyone who wants to know more about what Was a rare item when first came out, so must be even rarer, and I would have thought significant multi fx pedal?
One more thing, I have thought about some great ideas for effects and sound usage if anyone wants to make me rich. I'm life experienced with multi engineering skills and musically.
I have other questions to ask and a few ideas to share. So be back when
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Re: Hohner HME-1 multi fx,, Rockbuster, significant info 4

Postby EffectsDatabase » Fri Dec 15, 2017 4:29 pm


The Hohner HME-1 was rather cheap OEM pedal sold under a few brand names: Aria, Hohner, Ken Multi and possibly more:
http://www.effectsdatabase.com/model/ho ... astic/hme1

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