[For Sale] FS: Boss RV-5: Rehoused and Modded!


FS: Boss RV-5: Rehoused and Modded!

Postby Faldoe » Thu Jun 13, 2013 6:27 am

This is a RV-5 that I did a few mods to. First and foremost: It has been rehoused into a different enclosure. The bottom left switch is the bypass. I added a mode control and switch (bottom right) and bi-color LED, so you can choose between two different modes. This is like what JHS offers. There is also a third switch (top right) and LED for Killing the dry signal so you get 100% wet reverb. When this is done, stereo spread is lost however and you must turn the switch off when bypassing - otherwise your signal won't pass through when the pedal is bypassed: the mod essentially reroutes the signal through the WET (R) path when in Kill Dry mode.

Still runs on 9v Boss adapter - only, doesn't run on batteries - no room inside. Velcro on bottom. $130 shipped within the U.S. I'm not interested in trades as I need the money to fund a guitar purchase.

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Re: FS: Boss RV-5: Rehoused and Modded!

Postby LievenDV » Thu Jun 13, 2013 8:27 pm

Cool job :) good luck on the sale; still got my stock rv-5 in action
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