[Wanted] Marshall Wah model no 2023


Marshall Wah model no 2023

Postby Graham » Sat Feb 14, 2015 4:32 pm

I've recently been having my collection professionally photographed prior to launching into my fuzz project properly. While sorting out the Marshall stuff (including 14 separate SupaFuzz variants) I realised that I only had a SupaWah and a little bell rang in my head. I went to that treasure trove of all things Marshall, Doyle's HOM and saw on p68 that there was actually a short lived version called - rather unsurprisingly - their "Wah Wah". :D Naturally as it was after all the late sixties, a simple Wah Wah wasn't an exciting enough label so without further thought it was renamed the SUPA WAH !!

After all the first name of choice for their fuzz wasn't the Supa Fuzz either - although you'll need to wait on my fuzz project unveiling to discover that little teaser.. :shock:

I've had several of the Supa-Wahs over many years now but alas never the first version..

To that end and as always I would be very pleased to either hear of one that is available or might become available at sometime in the future.

Thanks - Graham. :mrgreen:

PLEASE NOTE - Since I am now pulling together information for my Fuzz Project I'd also be very happy to hear from anyone who could let me have a decent image or two regardless of whether they want to sell. I am hoping that any "gaps" in the project that I cannot already fill myself will be covered by friends who have examples of the missing pedals - naturally I will give full credit to anybody who helps that (or any other) way.. G
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