[giveaway] How do Hotone's new nano head sound? Anybody tried?

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How do Hotone's new nano head sound? Anybody tried?

Postby sakurasanta86 » Mon May 28, 2018 3:47 am

I noticed that Hotone had released their new Nano heads. Looks like 5 of them:
1. Freeman B
( Pretty obvious, it's their "replica" of Friedman BE)
2. Siva Boogie
( Thought it was a Bogner-Mesa combination thing, but after checking their website, it's just modeled after Bogner's Shiva)
3. Vulcan Five-O
( Don't know what it is, but they say it's a Peavey 5150 thing, but those amps are pretty rare, I wonder it's probably after a 6505. Honestly, for a blind test, I doubt you can find the difference between the two.)
4. Eagles' Heart
( It maybe an Engl thing, which is my first guess. And it is correct! According to their info, it's an Engl Savage model.)
5. Captain Sunset
( No clue what that is, at first. Then they say it's a Soldano SLO 100 model. I guess it kinda makes sense. Mike Soldano is from LA. LA has the Sunset Blvd. Maybe that's the connection. But why call it "Captain"? Mike is like the guru of amplification world. I would definitely call it "Guru Sunset". LOl :lol: )

Anyway, has anybody tried them? I owned a Heart Attack from the same series, which is Boogie Rectifier thing. And IT KILLS! ! KIIIILLLLLSS!! Totally out of my expectation, for the price point, for the size, for the tone! It' was nice purchase!
I guess they must have something when it comes to hi-gain amps.
And the original amps of the new released series all have the reputation in the hi-gain amp territory.
So, I'm super curious:
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